For the single mare owner or first time breeder it can be more convenient and cost effective to send your mare to a stud/breeding centre. With the appropriate facilities, experienced staff and a stallion on site to tease the mare it can make the breeding process smoother.
With this in mind we are pleased to offer the following services.


Our new stud facilities include examination stocks, dummy mare, laboratory + DEFRA qualified AI technician

Full veterinary services available with experienced equine reproduction vet from the White Mill Veterinary Centre.

We can take visiting mares for AI services, to your own choice of stallion.

Visiting mares to Murraybrook Moriarty.

All visiting mare must be swabbed before covering, copy certificates required.

Our stud fees are on a no foal free return basis, carried over for one year, substitute mares may be accepted.

All fees to be paid in full before the mare leaves the stud. 

Visiting mare (with or without foal at foot):    Grass kept 5 per day, stabled 12 per day, to include hay/feed as necessary.


Please enquire for further details.

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