November 09
22.11.09 National Foal Show  Murraybrook China Doll 1st part bred arab pony, not to exceed 122cms, 2nd show pony not to exceed 122cms.  Murraybrook Marquesa 4th part bred arab, not to exceed 148cms, 3rd show pony not to exceed 148cms.

July 09

7.7.09 The last of this year's foals. Halvanna Sweet Sensation (Deanhills Royal Portrait x Culross Sweet Romance)  has a lovely dark bay colt.

17.7.09 Kent County Show:  Langfield Finale 1st Riding pony broodmare, not exceeding 138cms

Murraybrook China Doll (Langield Finale x Royal Command of Wentward) 1st place Foal


Royal Command of Wentward 3rd PBA in hand

Mirimars Bucksfizz 4th welsh B yearling in hand

June 09

14.6.09 Langfield Finale (Iris) had a beautiful but tiny bay filly, she could only be named Dinky!

May 09

2.5.09 Rani joined the crowd and had a beautiful bay colt foal, her 1st colt. Photos on foal page.

5.5.09 Petra had an exquisite bay filly, very dainty compared to Rani's boy. Bay at present but may well turn grey yet.

10.5.09 A week early but Kez was clearly feeling left out and wanted her own foal! Another lovely bay filly.

 April 09

Murraybrook Passionata (Pasha) has been sold to a fantactic new home. She will be joining the Everland Stud where she will continue to be shown in hand this year and in the future will be shown under saddle and be a broodmare. We wish the Everland Stud every success and look forward to hearing Pasha's show results.

2.4.09 Jade produced a lovely bay colt (Morgan) early hours of the morning.

28.4.09 Spinningdale Andromeda (Anna) produced another bay colt, at the very civilsed time of 1pm!

30.4.09 And though she doesn't belong to Murraybrook Stud we cant leave out Sherbert, the dartmoor, who decided to copy Anna and have a bay colt at 1pm!

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